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@ayympora tag me! 10 things that i lovve

1.- Erisol 💜❤️💙
2.- made shitty cosplay and act like the character
3.- drawing
4.- languages ❤️
5.- @dreamin_in_derse
6.- @radioactiveswampmonsters
7.- being tag in this thigys
8.- chocolate ❤️
9.- this account me and radiosjejd ((number 7)) made together! @ask_the_losers
10.- Punk music! Fall out boy, panic! At the disco, the offspring, plain white t’s, etc

#andtalking #viatags #sofun





If lesbian Irene can fall for Sherlock

Why can’t hetero John fall for Sherlock?

that’s essentially what irene says in their scene in a scandal in belgravia, and the main reason why it’s one of my favorites in the series. ”if anyone out there still cares, i’m not actually gay.” “well i am. look at us both.”


and John’s immediate reaction to her statement


This fucking show. 

(Fuente: lyingmary)

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