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Songs: Runaway -The Killers/Fashionably Late -Falling in Reverse/ Goddamn -Falling in Reverse/ The Mighty Fall -Fall Out Boy/ Alive -Some german band plus the dude from Owl City

Youtubers: Nikkitutorials, vintageortacky, Tanya Bur, missglamourozi ((una wea así)) Ingrid, sharpie2319

Movies: Wall-e💜/ 1,2,3 Pirates of the Carabbian/ Fantasía 2000

Food: Ice Cream, Chocolate, Nuddles, Shrimps, comida típica Chilena en general 👌

Drinks: Crush Light, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Tea, Pineapple Juice

Shows: Glee, Merlin, Sherlock, Orange is the New Black, Dr Who

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